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  3. LMX admin ban me!

  4. Admins unban me, i don't have chit. I sand whay some of admins want!

  5. can u remove me ban 


  6. Mama, ma simt ca pe yahoo messanger ? 

  7. Cu mana pe el.

  8. Hello guys!


  10. Nume : -_KeNNyS_- Am jucat cu wall, recunosc. Dar imi place prea mult serverul si vreau sa ma intorc in comunitatea erazer Promit ca nu mai fac <3, iar daca se mai intampla dau permisiunea sa primesc destroy
  11. RUSU u know me


    1. R.U.S.U


      no, why ?

  12. Quote

    With great power, comes great responsability!


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